Exclusives & Highlights

MUSIC: Yancey Boys “Lovin U” feat. Eric Roberson (VIDEO)

Sunset Blvd

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MUSIC: Bambu ft. Killer Mike – Upset The Setup (VIDEO)

Flip the system.

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LIFE: Brian Williams Raps “Gin and Juice” (VIDEO)

Oh Jimmy.

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MUSIC: Scarface – No Problem (VIDEO)

Yesssss. FACE MOB

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LIFE: DJ Jazzy Jeff – Vinyl Destination, Touch Down in Dubai (VIDEO)

This week’s episode of Vinyl Destination catches up with DJ Jazzy Jeff and his crew in Dubai. The guys realize their sweatsuits may have not been the best choice to wear for the nighttime arrival in the Middle East. Who packed the Man-Pads?

After a long travel day, DJ Jazzy Jeff orders up room service or, more accurately, orders the left and right side of the menu. Buttered vegetable, anyone?

Cirque le Soir, Dubai’s most exclusive circus nightclub, plays host to acrobats, little people, sword swallows and DJ Jazzy Jeff! Watch this and more in this episode of Vinyl Destination!

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LIFE: Adventure Time with Action Bronson – South Africa (Part 2 VIDEO)

In this second part of Adventure Time in South Africa we see Bronson critique some of Cape Town’s finest greenery, go quad biking with the Alchemist, scull beers with fans while wearing a Spingboks rugby jersey and perform to a 50,000 person crowd in Johannesburg.

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ART: An Immersive Look At Water | The Making Of Watermark (VIDEO)

Photographer Edward Burtynsky and director Jennifer Baichwal give us an inside look into the making of their cinematic feat, Watermark. The documentary was shot using groundbreaking 5K ultra high definition photography and aerial technology and explores mankind’s complicated relationship with water, using a diverse set of stories that challenge how easily we take it for granted.

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