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ART: Beyond the Streets Presents: The Subtle Street Art of Dan Witz

Written by on June 29, 2018

When you see a painting by NYC-based artist, Dan Witz, its a scene of chaos and elation. Witz has become famous for both his Mosh Pit and Rave series of works, carefully photographed, reassembled and painted in original compositions that reimagine motion and crowd behavior.

His street art is the opposite. Yes, his paintings are about nuance, but his street art is about unseen surprises in the urban experiences. A hummingbird, a man hiding in a street gutter… these little touches that Witz brings to the street are about creativity for those who are carefully examining their place and space.

Dan Witz’s work is part of Beyond the Streets, on view in Los Angeles through August 26, 2018.