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No he’s not from New Zealand! Our mate Danny Semik has been a prominent writer in the Chinese graffiti scene for some time. Spending his days running his own tattoo studio in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China and attending graff jams all over the country.

We got together with Danny in the lak studio for some razor sharp wild style Ironlak Strikers super heavy-duty tough tings!

An Ironlak Studio creation © 2019.

Endless options. Endless opportunities.

The Ironlak Strikers are available in a staggering 160 colours, meaning that there’s no limits to what you can create. From the blindingly bright primary colours of traditional tattoo flash, to the pastel vibrancy of anime – Strikers will help you conjure your inspiration into reality.


Shot: Carl Steffan (
Cut: OBLVS (
Artist: KIWIS (
Music: Montell2099 – ‘Reach’ (

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