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Adelaide based aerosol artist MUCHOS hits the sand, the street and the Ironlak studio in his latest holiday getaway.

Equipped with a backpack, a Lak stash and his beloved beach ball, we followed this merry man through his travels in Brisbane and Byron, getting to know his cheerful style and quirky composition.

If you’re not yet familiar with the work of MUCHOS, this video will give you some insight into the day to day influences of his style, and a look into the nuances of his inspiration – sugar, spice and everything nice.

“I like to keep things as stress free as possible and focus on the good things around me. That’s how I like to approach my paintings.”

MUCHOS’ trip was anchored by his debut solo exhibition, ‘STACKED’ hosted by The Culprit Cub, which explored the ideas of form, composition and balance in day-to-day life.

Through the symbolism of seemingly ordinary objects featuring in his murals and artworks, (yeah, we’re back on the beach ball) MUCHOS uses his cheerful colour pallet and creative composition across multiple mediums to express a ‘balancing act’ of objects that exist in harmony, despite their unusual positions and differences.

Shot / cut: Oblvs (
Music: Banda Mel – ‘Bagdá’

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