Best of 2016: Ka – Honor Killed The Samurai (Best Hip Hop Projects of 2016)

Ka is one of the few artists who we might mention if someone asked us what real Hip Hop is. The rapper/producer from Brownsville, Brooklyn, and former member of the group Natural Elements, is an abnormally creative normal guy making incredible Hip Hop music because that’s just what he does.

If you had to describe Ka’s style in the context of art, it would likely be minimalist. But that is what makes it so great. Down to the bones, Ka tells real, poetic stories and spits ill metaphors over simple loops and beats. But the simplicity of Ka’s music in no way detracts from it – it enhances it. An MC who you need to hear clearly, has to be appreciated and isn’t over shadowed by sonic gimmicks. Dirty beats – sometimes maybe just a loop, again simple, but emotional finds you might dig up yourself in the bins. The quality is impeccable and does not need to be dressed up. Ka represents that raw, creative Hip Hop that only the rarest MCs can make.

Author: streetsconnect

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