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Watch graffiti artist KAISY ONE from Slovakia painting in his studio with MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Spray and Markers mixed up with the making of a fresh new wall just recently done with MOLOTOW PREMIUM! Photos: Artist Instagram: @kaisydkh

Singapore is known for being clean, green and orderly, but that doesn’t stop Zul Othman from painting the town. In fact, the street artist known as “Zero” thinks the city’s disposition makes his work even more interesting. Hit the pavement with a pioneering creator who’s expressing the human experience through images—and giving Singapore an edgy […]

When I started out doing graffiti I struggled a lot with everything I wanted to learn and try. These tips will make your life as a starting graffiti writer or artist a little bit easier! If you liked these tips and looking for a way to paint faster, check out this video: And if you […]

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Track information Free1sMind – Take the piff – prod by inos Available soon on all major platforms via Piff Entertainment Brow – Ko-Nee – prod by OceanGrown LOC Piff Entertainment

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