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If you ask Barry Bondz, the time is right – it might just be perfect. Already into the new year, the Newark, New Jersey based MC, songwriter and business owner finds himself in the exact spot he knew his planning, discipline and execution would bring him to. Bondz was one of the first MCs we […]

  Hip Hop is in one of the better places its been in awhile. The resurgence of lyrics and the fading interest in circus-music beats has led to boom-bap and organic sounding producers gaining increasing attention. Amongst this renaissance of new, thoughtful Hip Hop, chances are you’ve heard a few beats from Frost Gamble. The […]

Watch our interview with Detroit MC ZoTheJerk, where he speaks on his new project with producer Frost Gamble, titled ‘Black Beach.’ From speaking on the album, to the deeper social and political issues underscoring the project, Zo provides insightful answers and shares a ton about the new project and Hip Hop more broadly.

Big salute to DJ Illegal and the Snowgoons squad for the time. Hey guys – happy New Year. Everything going well in 2017 so far? Hi, yeah it is looking great. We are still working hard to promote the new album. Right – you finished out 2016 strong with the release of Goon Bap – can […]

At this point, its pretty safe to say its a wrap on Hip Hop projects for 2016. Accordingly, we proudly kick off our ‘Best Hip Hop Projects of 2016″ list with Portland, Oregon rapper Jake Kost and Stadluft Macht Frei. His project – Stadluft Macht Frei , which translates to “the city air makes you free” […]

Dreadchild —lyricist and producer for Knotz (with brother Aswad Mikal) — is currently working on new music while also working on the scoring, sound design, and soundtrack for upcoming films from Colored Wind, by director, KC Amos and his father, actor, John Amos. One of his upcoming projects ‘All Barz’, features Knotz and Young Zee from the respected Outsidaz from […]