If you haven’t checked out Mission Workshop yet, you may want to if you are looking for some new gear for the urban get-around. We’ve been using the modular waist pack around the Bay Area the past few weeks and love it. Its easier to manage than a backpack, and great over the shoulder (front […]

  Hip Hop is in one of the better places its been in awhile. The resurgence of lyrics and the fading interest in circus-music beats has led to boom-bap and organic sounding producers gaining increasing attention. Amongst this renaissance of new, thoughtful Hip Hop, chances are you’ve heard a few beats from Frost Gamble. The […]

Fresh in the crates! Hip Hop music adds to Streets Connect Radio this week include new joints and collaborations from Planet Asia, Hus Kingpin and many more, including a crate full not even on the below playlist. Anyways, peep September’s current crate below, and stay tuned for new additions multiples times a week. Make sure […]

As you’ve probably heard, Hip Hop lost a legend today. Mobb Deep’s Prodigy has passed, at the early age of 42. Not much is known, but what is known is this is a shocking loss. Prodigy made amazing music as part of Mobb Deep and as a solo artist. He was one of the ones […]

Watch our interview with Detroit MC ZoTheJerk, where he speaks on his new project with producer Frost Gamble, titled ‘Black Beach.’ From speaking on the album, to the deeper social and political issues underscoring the project, Zo provides insightful answers and shares a ton about the new project and Hip Hop more broadly.

Big salute to DJ Illegal and the Snowgoons squad for the time. Hey guys – happy New Year. Everything going well in 2017 so far? Hi, yeah it is looking great. We are still working hard to promote the new album. Right – you finished out 2016 strong with the release of Goon Bap – can […]

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