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Catching up with Artist Mark Bode and Oakland Terminal Art Gallery as they prepare for an upcoming show June 20th with Artist Dr. Revolt, Mark Bode, Stan 153, Cuba, Stab, Metalman Ed

One on One with Artist Irot hand styles project at Oakland Terminal

Interior wall project for INDIAN LARRY MOTORCYCLES turned into Video blog number 65. June 2012.

UZI – Writers United Football Club is a collection of UZIs own documentation mixed with live photos by photographer Leo Rivinoja. The book summarise 10 years of rigorous and systematic bombing in the streets of Stockholm and the search for the perfect style when it comes to tags and throw-ups. Check the clip on page […]

From the good folks at Juxtapoz – Freight legend King157 recently painted a little something for the We Got Issues show in Oakland, California and Bazooka Films 77 was there to capture him laying down this piece.

More on the project - In March of 2013, urban artist Jay Shells launched his “Rap Quotes” project in New York, whereby he installed street signs emblazoned with rap lyrics in the specific locations that said lyrics called out. The series was so well received by the public (and the rappers he quoted) that, he went […]