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CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE: PARTNER: FILMED BY: MUSIC BY: Bytesane This episode of Graff TV we feature graffiti writer EMIT! More from Emit here: GRAFF TV is a series of graffiti videos capturing the style and techniques of some of the best and most interesting writers around the world. […]

Last month Jeremy Filmsmore followed Ironlak Family member EWOK on a 48 hour trip to Los Angeles to link up with some old friends and burn down some new pieces at Art Supply Warehouse, and The Container Yard. Lak was sprayed, alien agendas were discussed, veggie burgers were inhaled, and good memories were made… Shot […]

When you see a painting by NYC-based artist, Dan Witz, its a scene of chaos and elation. Witz has become famous for both his Mosh Pit and Rave series of works, carefully photographed, reassembled and painted in original compositions that reimagine motion and crowd behavior. His street art is the opposite. Yes, his paintings are […]

Chris Daze Ellis began his prolific career painting the gritty New York subways in the mid 70!s while attending the High School of Art & Design. He is one of the few artists from that period to make the successful transition from the subways to the studio. His first group show was the “Beyond Words” […]

Adelaide based aerosol artist MUCHOS hits the sand, the street and the Ironlak studio in his latest holiday getaway. Equipped with a backpack, a Lak stash and his beloved beach ball, we followed this merry man through his travels in Brisbane and Byron, getting to know his cheerful style and quirky composition. If you’re not […]