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Boston-bred cousins E Flash and Vee Knuckles are N.B.S., presenting the Jakebeatz-directed music video for “Seven”, the new music video from Swissvets: Hot Dogs to Swiss Francs, N.B.S.’ new album out today on Empire Music, the Swiss record label led by CEO Matthieu “MDB” Siegenthaler whose team is responsible for releases with KRS-ONE, Delinquent Habits, JC of Bad Boy South, German rap star Kool Savas and more. Recorded in a one-week period in Switzerland, Swissvets is produced by Swiss producers JAKEBEATZ and DJ Tray, and features a guest appearance from Blaqpoet, Miilkbone, Red Eye and GQ Nothing Pretty.

DJ Tray is an Empire in-house music producer and has worked with Saigon, Cappadonna, Tragedy Khadafi, Sonny Seeza of ONYX and more. JAKEBEATZ is head of the label PW Records and is often referred to as the Godfather of Swiss rap. “When breaking down the manifestations you’ll see 7 represents God,” explains N.B.S. about the track. “Building is consistent throughout the day but most catch jewels especially during the God hour. 7 also represents the number of representatives that began the #Vets our soldiers, our team. “2 Gods” as Nux mentions in his verse. 7 + 7 = 14. 14 is the number N.B.S. represents. So the breakdown is 7 & 14 aka Nux & Flash aka #Vets. The math shows that one can’t exist with out the other. No Nux no Flash no N.B.S.” Swissvets: Hot Dogs To Swiss Francs is out now on iTunes.

As a bonus, enjoy the Theo Santo-directed music video for “Fresh Air”, the new music video filmed in Bogota, Colombia. “Fresh Air” appears on Swissvets: Hot Dogs to Swiss Francs, N.B.S.’ new album out now on Empire Music, the Swiss record label led by CEO Matthieu “MDB” Siegenthaler whose team is responsible for releases with KRS-ONE, Delinquent Habits, JC of Bad Boy South, German rap star Kool Savas and more. The “Fresh Air” clip comes on the heels of the video for “Seven”.

Do the two of you write your songs separately or together? How does that normally take place?
Both. But it also depends on where we are! Overseas we write all songs together, while in America it will depend on who has the beat first. We then bring what we got to the table and execute with crazy records. On the road we do everything together, whereas at home we are in our respective places so maybe we converse via phone or text! Do remember we are cousins, so we do speak and see each other often! Must admit though, we’ve been writing songs together for so long even when we don’t come up with a concept together we still end up spitting about the same shit! It’s kinda amazing.

You two have spent a lot of time in Europe. How is it different from the US? Is it somewhere you think you could move permanently?
This has been a common question for us recently. Well there are so many differences and that’s why we continue coming back. Europe is like the South in the US when it comes to respecting art and music! Why? Cause they show love. They support and appreciate your efforts bringing them high energy and dope music. Permanently, no. But for 1-2 months or 3-6 months out of the year in a few places! Switzerland, Spain, Budapest, Japan, Africa, Germany, Australia, Russia, South America are a few places. We have family (#Vets) in all those places so it’s seldom that we aren’t taken care of or comfortable.

What parts of Europe did you visit and what in your opinion are the best cities and countries for you?
London was dope as hell! Paris of course, as well! When you travel and are face to face with monuments that you’ve seen in books or on TV it sometimes serves as a reality check! You almost can’t believe it! South of France was amazing! Honestly when you go to countries or cities you’ve never been to, the experience is always gold when making the most of your trip. To be truthful we’re not sure we ever been OC (out of the country) and not thought we were in the best city, province or continent! Real talk. It’s important you become a civilian. As artists we get driven around and stay in some of the best hotels, but it’s also good to stay with a friend or in the hood! Take the train, the bus, eat the food and really become one with your experience. 


How do you feel your upcoming Swissvets album compares to your previous projects?
Well SwissVets is currently available via ITunes ( & Google Play ( We don’t think it does. When listening to it you will hear your typical N.B.S. music which so many love, but you will also hear more transitional music in which you hear at your local nightclubs or radio stations. It’s a mesh of quality music. Jake Beatz (PW Records) provided a mainstream feel whereas DJ Tray (#ItsTheVets) bought that boom bap feel! When you think of us as a group you know this is what we represent as individuals. We have different tastes in music but we also know what our fans like so we tend to keep them happy. As we know, without them we don’t exist! The project is solid, be sure to check it out of you haven’t. Salute.

If you two became mayor of Boston, what are the first things you would do?
Lower cost of rent in the urban community and try to create more job opportunities for people to grow financially. Really get on the police commissioner to stop the racial profiling in black and hispanic communities. Invest in entrepreneurship and children dreams. As well as host a rock, rap, country and reggae three-day festival at city hall yearly to promote peace and unity. Word!