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Graffiti Letters – How To Draw Graffiti Lettering

Written by on September 4, 2015

Proper Letters are not learned overnight

Graffiti lettering turns common alphabet into a work of art. Learning how to draw graffiti letters allows you to create awesome word messages and pictures. Starting with the letters of a brief message or name, graffiti artists gives lettering curves and angles that makes the letters flow together, join together and sometimes overlap.

Gradient shading, bold outlines and 2D and 3D shadow techniques as well as style to the letters help the letters to stand out on the surfaces on which they are painted or drawn. Being able to paint or draw graffiti letters to a standard that other graffiti writers will admire takes several years and requires a lot of lot of perseverance but it is worth it.

Original FatCap clothing website is launching in the days ahead. You will learn how to draw Graffiti Letters from the legendary HEX from TGO FX UTI.

Definition of Graffiti


On our news feed HEX will showcase some of the illest video tutorials on how to draw Graffiti Letters. Many artist online and in the streets have looked to HEX for the newest styles.

As part of our launch coming up we will feature limited Graffiti prints on our website and social media.

Use the new Graph Start to organize your tips when doing your Graffiti Letters.

The re-launch of the legendary brand OG FatCap will change the way Graffiti Letters are viewed on apparel.

Graffiti is founded on typography; the basic art of letters. In order to be a good graffiti writer and build a successful career in graphic design and any other creative fields, you have to have a good understanding of typography.

The name that you start with should not have serif; these are the extended stokes at the end of the letters. The word should also be written in capitals as most of the graffiti pieces use capital letters as they are more interesting work with and they look stronger compared to small letters.

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