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LIFE: Black Moon Returns To The Studio 2016

Written by on October 1, 2016

To celebrate the rare occurrence of the Black Moon, Buckshot & DJ Evil Dee went to the studio and worked on some new music. Stay tuned.

Video by @dlpivmusic (Instagram)

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Reader's opinions
  1. 91Definite   On   October 1, 2016 at 3:01 pm

    No disrespect at all to the whole BCC I love them but why ever since Sean P
    died everybody wanna return to the studio? We already know Buckshot been
    making albums recently and Smif N Wessun been on the music. I heard OGC was
    gonna make a comeback album not too long after he died. Idk if it was true
    or not but of it is true why now? And I guess Representativez will as well
    though their album was 17 years ago same time OGC second album came out.
    Sean P ran Duckdown with the music since Monkey Barz. Even though P not
    here I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want them to stop making music. P said it
    himself if it wasn’t for Buckshot, Dru Ha and Steele he probably be on some
    gangsta shit not giving a fuck about nothing. Probably would’ve never had
    what he has now cause of them. #ripseanprice

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