LIFE: Kanye West’s Graduation in 4 Minutes

Graduation was a much more daring album than Kanye’s previous two, where he’d made the transition from successful producer to bankable star. Its songs are built from much different sounds than the dusty, pitched-up hyper soul that he’d built his career on, and drawn from much different sources.

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Kanye West’s Graduation in 4 Minutes

Author: streetsconnect

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  • Den Michelle

    I Fucks With Kanye

  • Sudev Sen

    Kanye is a genius amongst a bunch of hoodrats

  • David Longoria

    Do a MBDTF

  • Kuso

    “And the track ‘Homecoming’ featuring chris martin.”

    ….. uhhh its vice versa pitchfork u fucking idiots

  • Dab Savage