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These next 2 Houston head-honchos have helped lay down the foundation in putting Houston on the map — and now they’re here with us on Sway in the Morning.

Speaking to Lil Flip beyond music, he tells us about his business ventures in clothing, stores, boxing and more. After demonstrating his versatility, he opens up about his music life, revealing he makes over $200k a show in the EDM and Dub-stepping world! But you can also expect a new project with him and Slim Thug, called, “Kings of the South, Vol. 2” dropping soon.

While hanging out with us at our live Houston broadcast, the legendary Z-Ro hopped on the mic to tell us about what he’s got going on, his new music projects and reaching back and helping the community. Stand by for his collaborative project, “The King and The Boss” with Slim Thug, also coming soon.

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