LIFE: R.A. the Rugged Man show Episode 6: Masta Ace + Chris Rivers + Marco Polo

featuring PASSIONATE MC on the mic

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R.A. The Rugged Man is back with a new episode of The R.A. The Rugged Man Show (aka Ignorant Long Island Guy’s Podcast). This time, he’s joined by hip-hop legend Masta Ace and young microphone assassin Chris Rivers (the son of dearly departed rap god Big Pun) for a fascinating hip-hop discussion. The conversation covers the Juice Crew’s impact on the culture, hip-hop’s greatest live performers, what makes a classic album, the importance of storytelling in hip-hop, Big Pun’s untimely death, the downfall of Cold Chillin’ Records, and much more. Also joining the show are famed producer Marco Polo (who supplies beats for a few freestyle sessions) and talented Rhode Island spitter Passionate MC. Check out the full podcast episode now on iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube, Google Play, and Overcast, and stay tuned for more episodes coming soon.

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    Rugged Man.. I have never called a fuckin radio station once ever BUT I would call your asses up on-air. Spit some phone bars for you fellaz..

  • Suspicious

    get benefit & mr green on the show, then atmosphere,, then DMX and xzibit 🎃

  • multigrotesque

    salute all y’all !!!

  • Mike ADHD

    Very Cool Guests. Would Be Cool To See More Long Island Acts Like Rakim or EPMD 💣

  • derekhugh

    dope triple V in title at episode 6 you know who’s watching