LIFE: Spotify’s ‘Traffic Jams’ w/ E-40 & Willie B Coming Soon

On Spotify’s video series, May 23rd, catch rapper E-40 and producer Willie B create a song in the back of an SUV. The track must be completed upon arrival, where they will perform it on the Spotify-All Def Stage in front of hundreds of fans.


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Author: streetsconnect

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  • King Charleton

    And Willie B, I’m a fool on your beats, I bleed out the speaker
    As the speaker that spoke when they didn’t speak

  • xFaDedColorZz

    Aye im from the bay 10 min from where 40 water grew up

  • B.L. Simpson

    “Lord give me strength”
    – The car’s tires

  • TheMrhitman94

    E40 wit the disrespectful left hand dab. Watch him kill this shit tho.

  • Dante Scott

    I see these little ads all the time where can I watch the damn show