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Jersey rap collective The Outlawz stopped by the studio to talk about new music, running with Tupac in the 90’s and more. E.D.I. Mean and Young Noble reminisce about their first encounter with Pac as well as break down how the group came to be and the meaning behind their name. “After we did ‘Outlawz,’ Pac was really pleased with what we did on that record and he was like, ‘We’re Outlaw Immortalz . . . because the sh** we’re doing is gonna live forever.’”

With Shakur at the helm, Outlawz consisted of seven members including Pac’s stepbrother Komani, Yaki Khadafi, Kastro, Big Syke, Hussein Fatal, E.D.I. Mean, and Young Noble. Today, only E.D.I. Mean and Young Noble remain and they tell us why.

Noble speaks out on DJ Funkmaster Flex’s recent allegations that the West coast legend shot himself at Quad Studios in 1994

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