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MUSIC: DJ Muggs X Roc Marciano – Shit I’m On

Written by on October 8, 2018

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DJ Muggs X Roc Marciano – Kaos
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Producer and founding member of Cypress Hill, DJ Muggs and Brooklyn’s finest, Roc Marciano announce they have joined for a collaborative album titled KAOS set for release via Soul Assassins Records on October 19th.

KAOS is a 10-song score made to soundtrack an upcoming feature film coming in Spring 2019. The film follows two childhood friends, Muggs and Roc Marci, who were brought up in different areas of New York: Hempstead, Long Island and Flushing, Queens. After a significant amount of time spent apart, they are reunited after Muggs serves out a 10-year prison bid. With hopes to rule the streets once again, the trio act out in ‘kaos’ towards anyone who tries to get in their way.

100 of the 400 copies will be held for an Oct. 21st live event at the Rappcats shop in Los Angeles.

Reader's opinions
  1. Tecknowledgist   On   October 8, 2018 at 8:45 am

    I flood the chuppah, you rap subpar
    Fuck a roof, why cover the car
    It’s white like a Dove bar
    Park the double-R
    Pull your trump card
    This hog’s three hundred large
    Front on the God, you get dumped on
    You tumbled when your number was called
    The forty-long caused you to somersault, dog
    Don’t worry lord, this summer’s all yours
    The pump’s still up under the London Fog
    The whores is imported from Portugal
    My songs is like soft porn
    Poor pauper’s song with sore amazons
    Black Panameras, Tony Montana standards
    Scramblers, they scanned us in the Porsche
    Grams is soft, we used to scramble on the porch
    For what a Phantom cost, I’ll blam at your thoughts
    Transport snort so raw, the shit snowball
    Got bowling balls for balls
    My redbone whore, she like Charlie Baltimore
    We up my dog, check the scoreboard
    The crib four floors
    You know we in this for the long haul
    That shit I’m on…

    That’s the shit I’m on…
    Roll the window down, and hear them moan…

    Lime green Gallardo
    I’m like Marlo, without the scar though
    You know how karma go
    The AR strap go over the collarbone
    I bone fly hos in Ferragamo
    My shine still glow from behind the blindfolds
    Rock the frozen Montega
    The Rolex Sky Dweller
    They crashed the Regera on La Cienega
    All my lines is like cinema
    The two-shot Derringer’s closeby
    I feel like I’m John Dillinger
    All my clothes is Italian-cut
    Only fuck with bitches if they down to fuck
    My shades a thousand bucks and up
    I got a Russian plug, I’ll get you plugged
    Your heart’ll stop pumping blood
    Get fly for the hos in a No Fly Zone
    Cop the RS7 Quattro
    Y’all don’t drive those
    We fly fly hos to the Galapagos
    In white gold ropes
    To keep ’em right, we get ’em lipo
    Aiight tho
    That’s that shit I’m on…

  2. Tecknowledgist   On   October 8, 2018 at 8:45 am

    Reloaded is one of my favorite albums of all time, and I’m expecting this to be right up there with it!

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