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MUSIC: Empty (feat. 5th Seal) – Breez Evahflowin

Written by on June 23, 2019

Produced by 5th Seal

A letter to the universe
A shout out to the father who never was
A shared pain for kindred souls
It’s not always happy on Father’s day
For me it finally is
and I am able to find the words for the father that
or just didn’t want to be bothered
All is forgiven

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I rarely wrote about you on tracks
it wasn’t worth it to me

In fact it hurt because I knew you wasn’t searching for me
Seen how hard momma working for me

You had the best but you let it slip
I don’t get it slick

I won’t get it if facts uncovered either
That which gave me love of that I’m a believer

She never spoke much of you neither
no you look like sound like touch of you neither
Like my conception came out of the ether


Nothing negative was said too
more I think about it she was trying to forget you
maybe just more than just regret the
situation that me led to

but never said blame your dad cause he left you

(chorus plays)

This man was made independent of your influence
Drawn to women born in April same as you I guess

Same as you I guess I ruined it with one
from your grand daughter’s life I was perpetually shunned

so I
How stepping can be intimidating
except genetics your essence has been incinerated

Maybe you debated your point
pressed and failed
but unlike you fucker I left a trail

Excuse, ain’t trying to be rude that’s outta left field
just tryin to work through the pain sometimes my chest feel

Father , I forgive you

Not every man want stand by his kids and his wife
too many lost kids in the night
hand pon heat gripping tight
dippin’ with the chick in his life

Both kids on a mission tonight
independent undisciplined like

Caught in the last position that they thought they’d get in tonight
hitting it like Superman
ended it like kryptonite
understand if you skip its like
there’s a hole and a whole lot more where poverty soars


this extreme epidemic at levels of low means
depicted so self inflicted it would seem’

assuming the few is in the genes
but naw I see things as more like selective breeding

You had people mate like Apes
no hope for escape
purposely raped to support your estate

Mind state perpetuates
the intimate degenerates
into a lesser more aggressive form of interface

free-dom come
running across the interstate
into the inner-city trying to make it but feeling all