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0:00 Life We Choose
3:54 Nastradoomus
8:08 Some Of Us Have Angels
12:28 Project Windows
17:25 Come Get Me
21:16 Shoot ‘Em Up
24:45 Last Words
28:48 Family
32:38 God Loves Us
36:58 Quiet Niggas
41:24 New World
45:29 You Owe Me
49:44 Blaze A 50
52:27 If I Ruled The World

NastraDOOMus Vol. 2
57:52 The Flyest Angel
1:01:46 Street Dreams
1:05:27 No Ideas Original
1:08:14 One Love
1:13:35 What Goes Around
1:16:58 You Wont See Me Tonight
1:19:52 Hate Me Now
1:23:21 Its Mine
1:25:24 I Can
1:28:37 It Aint Hard To Tell

Official MF DOOM remixes. Originally released in 2003. Classic mash-up album that combines the beats of MF Doom and the vocals of Nasir ‘Nas’ Jones. This edition of NastraDOOMus includes both discs from the series, remixing the entire Nastradamus LP by Nas, using his own beats, as well as classic hits from the catalog on the very generous bonus disc. 24 tracks total.

You can find this gem on vinyl for about $50:

And an OOP double CD release for $40:

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