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MUSIC: Rasheed Chappell – Franchi$e (Produced by Kenny Dope)

Written by on March 28, 2019

” I’m the face of the franchise, flagship artist, sickle and the hammer czar the black Marxist”

Rasheed is in peak lyrical form and finally ready to throw his hat in the ring and show why he deserves to be among the A-List crop of current emcees but also why he’d fare well in any era. He boldly exclaims this as he confidently states he’s on his “dookie rope Union Square Park shit”.

Each line borders on bravado and affirmation that “Future Before Nostalgia” was not a fluke and “First Brick” is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come. The video is an ode to the coveted “best emcee’ barbershop debate. Before there was a XXL Freshman cover or Unsigned Hype section in The SOURCE Magazine, the barbershop was the “show and prove” of what was moving in the streets.

It’s only fitting that an album such as “First Brick” brings it back to the very essence of what inspired the album and “Franchi$e” perfectly provides bar for bar some of Rasheed’s best work on the EP. The visuals are once again captured by the immensely talented lens of foundationDIGITAL Films, this tandem has paired up to bring life to 7 of the 8 videos released from this project. The attention to detail and provide a storyline to the images they capture is evident once again in “Franchi$e”.

It’s been 10 years since Rasheed Chappell & Kenny Dope first gave the world “Dope Muziq” a single that alerted the world that a shift was on the horizon. Through all the changes in the culture, with the gatekeepers, on the business side of things one thing remains…a Dope beat laced with dope rhymes is undeniable and will always stand the test of time.
Full Press Release:

• Artists: Rasheed Chappell
• Title: First Brick
• Produced by: Kenny Dope
• Directed by: foundationDIGITAL Films
• Release: First Brick (EP)
• Label: Kay-Dee Records
• Release Date: Sept 14, 2018

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