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Produced by @4thBeats
Directed by @DGPS.ent

Wish you had a beat like this
Still be my biggest fan and still try to sneak like diss
ya homie read my lips
we cant make this a combo if it doesnt feed my chips
Im over flavored, Im over seasoned
Every line known to be heavy set
Bolder for no other reason
I told them jokes to get cold and mean it
Ya Im heated
I wouldn’t want to see your face if we both competed
The whole demeanor is bad
From her chosen speech down to the ink in her pad
only 12 times a year ya she bleeds on her pad
but its 24/7 ya mans tryna leech off a fad
I get it poppin’ like a Fenty bomb

How would a queen come on top of this beat
How could she possibly turn around
hop on top of defeat?
You tell her raise to her feet..
but you got your foot sitting on her way up
“Eyes up at me!”
but as soon as she moves, she get sprayed up?
Yo how that shit feel inside of yo eyes?
Forced to continue life with ya sight going blind
mind’s intertwine
Money’s scuffed up from taking a financial beating ya whole life
Societies incline of holding you back from finding yo spine
They dont want you feeling sturdy
They dont want you recognized
They dont want to see your value
They only want to sexualize
but what they dont seem to understand is
at the center lays the seed of life
The birth of all thing paradise yo

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