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STYLE: How to Lace Your Sneakers: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Written by on April 11, 2019

Everyone thinks they know how to lace their shoes, and it’s simple enough if you only care about getting from point A to B without your kicks slipping off. But lacing your shoes properly is more of an art form and really depends on what you’re trying to achieve with the sneakers on your feet.

With that in mind, we’ve taken a closer look at three different ways to lace your shoes: when you want your shoes to look their best in photos; for comfort and so you can slip your kicks on and off with ease; and for sports such as running. Each technique has its pros and cons, and where we can, we’ve included pro tips to help you out.


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  1. Pieter Dirix   On   April 11, 2019 at 11:45 am

    if you wear your shoes unlaced you shouldn’t wear them at all. I completely ruins the look of the shoe

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