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STYLE: HYPEBEAST Visits: Jimmy Butler Shows Us His Jordan Collection and Outfits for NBA Playoffs

Written by on April 11, 2019

With his Philadelphia 76ers holding down the third seed in the Eastern Conference, Jimmy Butler is beginning to enter the postseason mindset. He’s getting focus, watching film, retooling his conditioning, and picking out his fits.

In today’s NBA, where personal branding can be the difference of millions of dollars during contract negotiations, off-court style and overall appearance can be very important to a player. Butler, a Texan with a love for country music, may not be the first hooper you envision when thinking about style in the NBA, but over the last few years, Jimmy has garnered some well-deserved attention from the fashion world.

It began early in his career in Chicago when he was seen wearing cowboy boots to-and-from the arena, and not for the trendy ironic reasons, but because he genuinely likes cowboy boots. Then, in 2015, Butler shocked the footwear industry with his departure from adidas to Jordan Brand, a move that cost him a 75% pay-cut. For him however, the transition wasn’t about the money, but more about his personal style and preference. From there, the four-time NBA All-Star has been seen chumming it up with his fellow NBA-ers at Paris Fashion Week, and getting featured in heritage publications like Vogue and GQ.

In this episode of HYPEBEAST Visits, one that follows the likes of Mesut Özil and Nick Young, Jimmy Buckets takes us on a tour of his Pennsylvania home, offering insight into his personal style and approach to fashion. Along the way we get a look at his massive wardrobe and sneaker vault, while also meeting his longtime stylist, Khalilah Beavers.

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