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The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition may have very definite geographical parameters but their vision and creativity are without limits. This year BWAC is mounting a retrospective of Richard Hofmann, an artist all the way from the East Village. The curator, Ellie Winberg, walks us through some of the more than 150 works on display from […]

Espana!!!! We love you!! Via MontanaColorsTV: As you know, EL MAC was in our factory in Barcelona, doing a mural. Here’s the video of the process which the directors of Popcranc did, with the support of Offf Festival and Montana Colors.

B.G. is sticking by the street code of “no snitching.” Former Hot Boys rapper, real name Christopher Dorsey, pleaded guilty Wednesday (December 7) to charges of being a three time convicted felon in possession of a firearm and witness tampering. According to, B.G. didn’t cut a deal with prosecutors to testify against his co-defendants.