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French Rap

2nd video from the “Mercenaires” EP from French group 87 Escadron. Produced & mixed by Endemic Emerald. Mastered by 4th Disciple.

Produced & Mixed By Sutter Kain Mastered By Jermey Lubsey (Vlado Mastering) BandCamp: iTunes: Spotify: Apple Music: Google Play: Social Media Instagram: Facebook: Facebook: Twitter:

Third Video from the album FOREIGNERS by Knightstalker and Le First Dritte Videoauskopplung aus dem Album FOREIGNERS von Knightstalker und Le First Trosième video de l’album FOREIGNERS de Knightstalker et Le First Video: Christopher Purbst Beat: Tumor aka TWOMore ORDER FOREIGNERS ALBUM : itunes: amazon: Featuring: Damion Davis, Souleez, Phreaky Flave, Greckoe, MeStOne, […]