LYRICS: I got em going till it’s sunk in Everywhere I’m coming You know that it be nothing X3 Im in my bag about it.. Reaching in, full of everything I never brag about it A never ending map surround it I see my name from a past time I catch a tag around it.. […]

How to kill 1100 spray cans in 48 hours… In January, Dresden Airport asked me to paint their entire old Terminal with whatever I want. Since I originate from Saxony, I decided to walk along my path of 22 years of graffiti writing – everything from traditional graffiti pieces and blockbusters up to the abstract […]

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Watch graffiti artist KAISY ONE from Slovakia painting in his studio with MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Spray and Markers mixed up with the making of a fresh new wall just recently done with MOLOTOW PREMIUM! Photos: Artist Instagram: @kaisydkh

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