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Produced by @4thBeats Directed by @DGPS.ent LYRICS Wish you had a beat like this Still be my biggest fan and still try to sneak like diss ya homie read my lips we cant make this a combo if it doesnt feed my chips Im over flavored, Im over seasoned Every line known to be heavy […]

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Directed by Day Hernandez Powered by Vivalabonita LYRICS Dream big mija you can see the world everything the sun touches is yours dont focus on this place dream bigger than anything, then focus on that race you were meant for big ya im talking real loud.. got me feeling like ya dad real proud.. listen […]

LYRICS: I got em going till it’s sunk in Everywhere I’m coming You know that it be nothing X3 Im in my bag about it.. Reaching in, full of everything I never brag about it A never ending map surround it I see my name from a past time I catch a tag around it.. […]

Written by Vel The Wonder Produced by 4th Beats Mastered by Babii Cris Photo by Mackismo Design by NacheesiFollow Vel The Wonder Instagram: Twitter: Follow 4th Beats Instagram: Twitter:

Track number 10 off the self-titled album from the group, Melotonics. Stream the album everywhere. Shot by ZooDeVille. FOLLOW MELOTONICS(VEL & 4TH) FOLLOW VEL THE WONDER Tweets by VelTheWonder FOLLOW 4TH BEATS Tweets by 4thbeats FOLLOW ZOODEVILLE…