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Nerdcore Rap

“Train of Thought” off of my newest EP #MetalfaceHokage. Available Everywhere. Physical Copies Here – Train of Thought is actually my personal favorite song off of the project.  I’m a big martial arts fan and kung fu movie fan and I wanted to use this video as an opportunity to dig into that.  The […]

“B Fine” Produced by Vibe sounds. Off of my album #CerebralApex GO GET IT HERE Shoutout to my dude Mega Ran. The guy reading the comic book is Vibesounds, who produced the joint.

Tales of a Samurai Part II off of my new album #CerebralApex. Get it here

First single from my NEW album “Cerebral Apex” coming on August 28th!!!! I wrote this song when I was on a Bullet Train in Japan. This album is based off of a Manga that I’ve been writing for the past two years.