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get this song on iTunes now Grind Mode Cypher Denver Vol. 2 featuring: windchILL | Harrisburg, PA | Dassaro | Denver, CO | Small Hands | Longmont, CO | Provoke from Proximity | Denver, CO | Ty Banks | Upstate, NY | produced by: Minds Eye Production | […]

Official lyric video by Detroit rapper ZotheJerk and producer Frost Gamble, taken from the album “Black Beach” which released on May 26th. “Keep Me Safe” has struck a chord with many for its sentiment, a heartfelt dedication from a parent to his children to protect, inspire and offer encouragement while including a broader theme in […]

get this song now on iTunes: Grind Mode Cypher New England Vol. 15 featuring: Organik Massachusetts | Cez | Wise Uzumaki | Mic Ross | Brandie Blaze | Los Fidel | produced by: Lingo | Tweets by WiseguyLingo filmed by: Wiseguys Films | Corey Taylor […]

Let’s Take Them To War Freestyle