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SMACK/URL are back at it. There is no question that there are the # 1 battle rap league. Kind of like UFC is the number mixed martial arts league and both orginizations have a front man who’s last name is White. Just a random fact that has  no real relevance to this article… But this battle comes from the “Rookies Vs Vet” event that took place Marcth 28th I believe, In New York.  The Event featured Vets like Aye Verb, Charlie Clips and JoHn jon the don…as well as Rookies such as Prep, T top and Brizz Rawsteen. Not to mention others. This was the first battle to drop from the event on youtube.

Context. Sage is from NY, the exact burrow escapes me at the moment. He is a “christian” and which should let you know that he is not gang affiliated. He was coming off a great battle vs Prep, I personally thought prep won. As well as some other battle such as his UFF run. Shotgun Suge is the vet and is from New Jersey and a self proclaimed Muslim and Crip. With al the new marketing/build up Smack/Url have been doing for these new events I’m sure pairing these two up was a marketing strategy as well.

Battle Analysis:

RD1 The Saga: The Saga is know for his word play and schemes. He opens up his round with some standard name flips and what not. In my opinion he uses too much filler to get to a descent punch line. The main critique for his first round though is the fact that he uses gun bar lines even though he claims to be a “christian”…

RD1 Suge: Shot Gun came with the approach that everyone was expected. Gun Bars and aggression. He has a bar where he uses “steamz” and that whole “cakes up” phrase in cool way, He also has a Oj Da jucieman bar that the crowd loves. And in typical Shotgun fashion. was invaded saga’s personal space and “pocket checked him”. Though I’m not sure how pocket checking a “christian” make you muslim or crip.

Round 1 Debatable… I Give it to Shotgun

RD2 The Saga: The Sage opens up with a rebuttle for Shotguns “pocket check” It came off as a freestyle and I know the saga can freestyle/rebuttal but given that he had to of know the pocket check was coming I suspect it wasn’t purely off the top of the brain. His verse felt long to me the whole battle. He has some note worthy barz, he held his composure despite shotgun being in his face/space in RD1 but he spit some stuff that came off a lil soft/corny to me.

RD2 Suge: Shotgun opens up attacking Saga’s religious beliefs. It was a basic attack but he does spit a bar about their being 10 bibles and 1 Karon. I thought he delivered it well and it hit with the crowd, And it wasn’t a gun bar so a non gun bar coming from shotgun was surprising. Most notable parts of his round 2 was him taking 2 shots at NuNu Nellz and a big boss man line. Mostly aggression though, not too lyrical.

Round 2 was Close but I say The Saga

RD3 The Saga: In his 3rd round Saga Take the Loaded Lux approach of breaking down your opponent from the “enlighten man” perspective. He show how it’s a contradiction to Claim Crip and Muslim. He Nots on how Shotgun did not pocket check other battle rappers who are know for being gang affiliated or at the very least “tough”. He Says that Shotgun wasn’t paid for a battle and didn’t come after Beasly and Smack. It was a well thought out approach that made Shotgun loose his composure. The Saga got under his skin.

RD3 Suge: Shotgun stuck to what he does best though he isn’t best at it, Which is gun bars and aggression. He has a “Wu Tang” line that I thought was good. But his 3rd was just a lil flat. I think The Saga’s 3rd got to him a lil bit and took some of his mojo away.

Conclusion: Descent Battle, Not great. I say Saga 2-1

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