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Premiered exclusively on Elevator:

San Francisco’s resident blapfather, Gark Mavigan, teams up with renowned Milwaukee producer Ian Ewing on “Anachronism,” a carefully crafted tapestry of potent wordplay, rich imagery, and introspective storytelling.

Gark sprinkles in his signature outlandish one-liners (“You’re the blueprint for squares like a waffle maker”) but mainly focuses on the song’s message of feeling out of place and flaunting a steelo that isn’t the status quo. He also plays with the theme of time in multiple ways on “Anachronism,” most notably through a vivid eight-bar account of his Irish ancestors’ journey to the US following the Great Famine.

The video, directed by Oakland-based production company Kitsune Visual, is shot in Gark’s Outer Mission neighborhood of SF. Gark strolls through the streets, posts on his porch, and even spits while standing on a laundromat cart.

• Artist(s): Gark Mavigan
• Title: Anachronism
• Produced by: Ian Ewing
• Directed by: Kitsune Visual
• Release Date: Dec 13, 2016

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