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From the album ‘The Past Is Always Present In The Future’:
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Directed & Edited by Frieder Dillmann ( | |
Label: HiPNOTT Records | Origu | Substantial Art & Music, LLC
Shot by Frieder Dillmann & Tim Näve (

‘Follow The Master’
Written by: S. Robinson, J. Myles, I. Entsua-Mensah
Produced by The Other Guys

Jona Gold, Gu and Marcus D

Shot on location in Kiel, Germany. Shoutout to Musikshop Kiel, MUM&DAD and Hansa48

:: LYRICS ::

Follow the Master (4x)

If you don’t move the crowd and ain’t a master of the ceremony
Or a microphone controller you are not an emcee
So don’t ever disrespect the homie,
World class title holder born and raised in MD
Known to get the party poppin quicker
Then stripper with vodka in her so they gonna clap for me
But I ain’t talkin’ booty cheeks
slick with the dudy speak, shit talk mastery
…I’m Mugen with a blue pen
Samurai Champloo be damned if I can lose
If I did, I put 2 L’s together and make a W
Dumb of you, comparing Substantial to a substitute
All I do is win but it’s clearly ain’t your thing
Then again you’re more T-Pain then painting
I’m art personified, all heart magnified
By ‘bout a 105, no doubt… come alive


Fuck off the stage bum
You ain’t doin shit no need to tell’em to save some
Crowd look well rested, had time to get adjusted
Copped food and drinks and had time to digest it
I’ma make’em feel like they were part of my live show
No voice, clothes moist it’s hotter than Cairo
Watch me blow the spot when I drop my payload
I got’em going wild, it ain’t raining no pesos
They do what I say so ‘cause my presence demands it
A veteran standard, man what’s better than Stan shit
I will sever they hand if they extend it to grab this
Shit on everything like I’ve never been pampered
Son’em like Frederick Sandford, been a G,
But I don’t sale trash just so I can make a living, B
I’m art personified, all heart magnified
By ‘bout a 105, no doubt… come alive


I be ripping up the stage like I’m tearing up floor boards
You don’t keep’em engage they just lay on the floor bored
I have’em in a craze they gon’ leave with their core sore
Body crowds for days like a terrorist warlord
Light up the scoreboard, go hard as mug…
I’m a titan I throw swords, throat armed with a scud
If you mic’em he’s so raw but doper when unplugged
A sight sicker than cold sores, go for a dub
If you pay at the door, unless you pay in advance
This ain’t your regular show that’s right you even can dance
No need to hold up the wall, it got plenty of beams
You can throw up your arms and if you’re feeling it scream
2 turntables and a mic that’s what I call riot gear
Turn all the way up! It’s about to get live in here
I’m art personified, all heart magnified
By ‘bout a 105, no doubt… come alive