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Fiddy may not be the music dominator, but he’s killing on the small screen. (DX Online) (Subscribe)

In an interview with the “Murder Master Music Show,” author Ben Westhoff details the early relationship between the West Coast and East Coast legends.

Great to see Redman in the news. Earlier this year, Red and Meth announced their equity partnership with BlazeNow, a GPS app that will you find all the weed options in your area. Who doesn’t need that? Also, if you missed it, A3C announced this week that Red will be honored as part of the […]

50 Cent & Cam’ron share photos praising each other on Instagram.

The Land film, which is executive produced by Esco, opens today. For more music and news, subscribe and follow HipHopDX (DX Online) (Subscribe) Tweets by HipHopDX Narrated By: Brooke Moore Produced & Edit By: Valerie Sakmary

With De La Soul approaching a new album and the 2Pac biopic on the way, HipHopDX reflects back on the forgotten conflict between two unlikely opponents. This one played out on wax.