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If you ask Barry Bondz, the time is right – it might just be perfect. Already into the new year, the Newark, New Jersey based MC, songwriter and business owner finds himself in the exact spot he knew his planning, discipline and execution would bring him to.

Bondz was one of the first MCs we connected with online, one of the first people we posted music from. We’ve been building since day one. Now, with new music on the way, a growing brand and an endless hustle Barry Bondz is set to bring himself to the next level.

Man its been too long since we caught up with you. You are always in the mix – did you just get back from All-Star?
Yeah it’s been a minute. You know your my day 1 for real. Yes I went to AllStar. I was invited to a couple events. It was a very dope weekend.

Been before? I think you’ve been to Charlotte a few times.
Yes, I was living down there a few years ago. Great place. Energy is amazing.

So last year, you released the MMIX project, a nod to the year your Genco brand came together, right? And also, ‘Road to the Riches’?
Well last year I actually started the year off with MMIX. Yes it was a nod to the year my Genco brand came together. It has been said it was my best project to date. I ended the year off with my EP ” Road To The Riches”.

Your projects always have a thematic focus – how did you land on MMIX as a theme or feeling – or were you always planning it as a salute back to the founding?
I just wanted to take it back to the essence. Im out of the Matrix now. You can lose yourself in this business. Thats how you get caught in the Matrix. Artist like you & I. Our power is independence. We do what we want to do & the world follows. These other artist do what they’re told to do & follow the leader.

“Back to the basics, I’m out the matrix”

How About ‘Road to the Riches’?
Road To The Riches is suppose to be a 3 part series. I feel like my music is the score to life’s movie. Its basically documenting my journey after signing my 1st distribution deal this past year. 3 phases. If you listen to lake Of fire. It picks up where my life is at right now. I have a video for Lake Of Fire Out right now. I also shot a video for Goin Crazy. That will be out soon. It’s something like a mini movie. That was the first song that I recorded for Road To The Riches. I guess the title of the song speaks for itself lol.

What do you have planned next for Genco?
New Music. Another EP & full legnth album. I have a new single set to drop in the spring. Genco management launch. New spring line for Genco Apparel. Constant elevation. I have something to prove!

You’re always working with other brands; the Starter stuff is dope. How do you stay on top of making those connections?
Networking. My job is toi move the brand forward. It’s ok to align yourself with other brands.

In addition to releasing MMIX and Road to the Riches last year, Barry Bondz has a deep body of work. Just counting the most recent few years, Bondz unleashed ‘Glory’ in 2014, ‘The Genco’ in 2015, ‘Psalms 27’ in 2016, and ‘The Genco II’ in 2017.

How about yourself music wise? And thanks for this freestyle; dope you tied it back to the first one when we first ever connected.
Thanks. That freestyle was clarity for me. Once again… back to the essence. Take Care was a big moment for my career. So I hit the reset button. I promise to finish what I started & it starts with day 1. First bars of the freestyle “Back to the basics, I’m out the matrix”. I have clarity now… lol

This freestyle will be on my new mixtape “The Comeback 5 or C5” The Comeback series was my 1st mixtape series. I did 1-3 early in my Career. I dropped 4 in June 2017. C5 will be a mix of freestyles & songs.

What are your tips for time management? Your consistency shows discipline, and I imagine that is something you focus on.
It’s about working ahead. Most of my moves are done 3 to 6 months ahead. Some were even a year ahead. Implement that into your movement. I guarantee you take off running. Also, finish what you start.

And on the songwriting front; I’m sure The Addixs are busy as usual? How do you balance it all?
That’s a team effort. You always need a good team. Makes life easier. Addixs is a strong team so it just flows.

What are you most thankful for from the past year?
The ability to maintain & make quality music. I’ve been able to adapt & compete. 368K streams on Spotify last year. Blessings!

What are you most excited for this year?
I want to show my worth this year. I feel like I’m underrated. I promise to anybody that ever supported me or Genco, to all the Barry Bondz fans/family that stayed down. I promise I will deliver!