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“You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.”

Joyce Meyer

As cliche as it might sound thinking positive is a fundamental ingredient for success. I encourage anyone reading this to Google quotes by successful people they admire and you’re certainly going to run across someone emphasizing the importance of this principal. We have no stronger gifts as people in this world than that of our mind. The human mind is a mysterious and miraculous thing it is a greatest weapon but one we often use the least.

Emotions, bodily functions, your conscious and sub conscious all are being controlled by your mind. In philosophy there is a phrase “essence precedes existence”.

Simply put the thought of something must occur first in order for it to be manifested in reality.

Take for example anything that has ever been invented by humans, it was a thought first, then it came into being. Your success and path in life is no different.

Work on seeing, thinking and feeling what it is you want and you immediately give your mind the power to create it. Feeling that things aren’t working out and sulking in feelings of despair only magnify and multiply those feelings and circumstances in your life.

If you truly love rapping and making music believe with all your being that you can achieve your desired goals.

And not in a ignorant happy go lucky sense but have an internal and eternal belief that you can and will be successful despite how your world my look in the present. Mind over or matter…


There is much research on the different function of your brains and the different parts of your brain. But science is still very much in the dark about the totality of the human brain’s function. There is a philosophy of thought that states:

If you do not filter the thoughts that enter your mind, you stop to be a free person.

If your environment i.e. the people around you and the type of media you take in, freely flows into your mind and is excepted as an accurate representation of reality, your reality, than yes you have loss a huge degree of self freedom at that point. This is why you hear phrases like “unplug” and what not. You desires are a reflection of your potential as a person. Much of society will try to stamp that part out of you. Hearing statements like “that’s not realistic” or “you better have a back up plan” are the seeds of self doubt ultimately negativity.

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This is why thinking positive and so important. We are taught to put faith into what we see. But as I said earlier the “essence” “notion” or thought of the want precedes the physical manifestation or actualization of the want. In short you have to think and believe it first. So if you are letting your environment have free reign over your thought process you probably aren’t free to think positive and pursue your dreams.

Take to account the people you associated with, the level of their conversation. The type of message in the movies, music or any other thing you consistently give attention to you. Your thoughts are the roots and your life is the fruit. So plant seeds of positivity and your life will begin to reflect it.

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